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People Always Get These Two Songs Confused

I guarantee you have heard one of these songs and thought it was the other one, and vice versa. Speaking of vice versa, did you know it's actually pronounced "vice-UH versa"? I didn't. That's stupid. It should be vice versa. Du...
Personality Quizes

Personality Quiz: Which Colts Player Are You?

Ever wanted to know which Colts player you have the most in common with? Well now's your chance to find out! This scientifically tested quiz has been proven to render 99.18% accurate results. We spent two months in a windowless...


Haunted House Review: Indy ScreamPark

Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. One of them is going to haunted houses in October. Why do I like haunted houses so much? You pay $10 to spend 2 minutes in a nasty building where high school kids jump out a...

Inception Berated, Plus Some Really Bad Movies Berated To Balance It Out

I knew it would be good! I knew it! Some people hated it. However, a lot of other, smarter peopleraved about it. I for one am raving about it. Here's the thing, I'm sort of tired of logically defining every aspect of life. What...


Zach Galifianakis & Robert Downey Jr. In A Film Together!

It's like saying a Volcano Taco and a Gyro are in the same meal together! Only because they're both really good, not because the food bears any resemblance to the aforementioned actors. Speaking of, that should be Taco Bell's n...
Theory & Philosophy
Do not eat if you are older than 15 years of age or you will literally get fat immediately.

Why Do Things Take So Long To Start Up Nowadays?

Hey everyone, remember The Gimcrack Miscellany? It's my blog. You're on it now, and you're reading an article. Remember those days? I can't quit you, TGM! Good old blogging... it is always there to bring me a hot cup of tea whe...


I Found Another Person Who Thinks Most Moviegoers Are Dumb!

There is a link to an amazing article at the end of this blog post. But, before you click the link, you must agree with the following 8 statements. If you do not agree to all of them - ALL OF THEM - you are not allowed to click...


There are a lot of differences between professional football, basketball, and baseball. We know that football is the best out of the three, and even though basketball sucks, there is no question that it is a distant runner up. ...


Another Guatemalan Sinkhole!

Remember when I posted an article entitled The Guatemala Sinkhole? Well that title has now been rendered obsolete. No longer is the word "The" a...

I’m Calling Inception

Once upon a time there was a strange and mysterious trailer for an unknown film called The Matrix. Upon seeing this trailer, something inside me told me it was going to be huge. I would say to people "I can't wait to see The Ma...