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Volkswagen Logo Totally Looks Like The WordPress Logo

Yesterday I was watching the boob tube and a Volkswagen commercial came on. At the end of the commercial I suddenly got the urge to blog, which hasn't happened in a LONG time. I wondered about the connection but then my program...

Shutter Island Berated

Scorsese does it again. While Shutter Island is not about the mob or gangs or Italy or wiseguys or illegal drugs, it still has that Scorsese feel. There are a few common elements carried over from his previous film The Departed...


Best Fails of 2009 Proves “Oohh!!” Is Our Natural Reaction To Failure

There are two levels of Fail. If a fail places in the "miniscule to minor" range, the reaction is always laughter. If the fail falls anywhere above that range, the reaction is always "Oohh!!" - regardless of language spoken. Th...

How Adjectives Differ By Gender

If some dude was transplanted from 50 years ago to a conversation happening today between two people about a third person, that dude would most likely get the wrong impression about the person being discussed. That's because wo...


Nickelback vs. Radiohead (Seriously?!)

I have been asked a few times why I hate Nickelback so much. Well, hopefully after writing this blog post I can answer that question in the future by giving the person the URL to this article. Thanks, past self. You're welcome,...

How To Balance Video Games & Facebook

This video presents a conundrum to me. It attacks the video game industry, which obviously offends me. But it also attacks the social media industry, which fills me with great exuberance. I'm left torn and conflicted, bouncing ...


Seriously, AciPhex?!

This is a thing. A real thing. It's a medication to treat acid reflux disease. What did they call it? AciPhex, naturally. Wait a second... AciPhex? Assiphex? Ass effects? No, no that can't be right. Well yes, actually, that's e...

Avatar Berated

Have you ever been so immersed in a story or character that you forget it is not real? Avatar does that to you. After seeing the film, it's hard to remember that the blue-skinned alien race called the Na'vi doesn't actually exi...

Twitter Sucks

Delete Your Facebook Account

There are a lot of reasons to delete your Facebook account, and I've been over a lot of them. But this is the final straw. Get out while you can! Facebook just made a...
Top Fivers

Top Fiver: Hottest Things Right Now

When you're talking about the top five hottest things right now, you have to think about all the popular things that everybody likes, and then you gotta just take the top five of them. That sentence was written in homage to...